Person-directed Planning

Person-directed planning engages individuals who have an intellectual disability in identifying their dreams, strengths and gifts. It is focused on the development of relationships as well as on ways community resources can be accessed to support a meaningful life in community. This is a fundamental part of the LIGHTS process because it provides the needed guidance to begin creating a home outside the family home.

What is Person-directed Planning?

It is interactive process; facilitated by two experienced planners who engage with the individual and their support network around what a meaningful day would look like in their chosen community, who they would like to spend time with, where and with whom they would like to live, and what supports are needed to enable them to live in their community. When people need the support of their family, friends, and their community to be able to live the kind of life they want, it is especially important to consider planning for the days and years ahead. Person-directed planning provides the opportunity for a person to explore resources in their community, try new activities, gain new experiences, and make informed decisions based on those experiences. Understanding and undertaking the steps involved in person-directed planning is often the first step required to building a good life in community.

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PLAN Toronto, website

PLAN Toronto was developed by families and for families with an adult child with a disability. Their mission is to support families in planning for and developing a good life for their family member.