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Downloadable Forms

The following forms are designed to assist individuals and families through the LIGHTS journey. They will help the Facilitator understand what support individuals and families are looking for and then provide support that will bring them one step closer to their family member's dream! Send the completed form to the LIGHTS Facilitator at LIGHTS@cltoronto.ca or fax to 416 968 7320.

Initial Consultation form

This form is used to collect some initial contact information about the individual and their family. It also asks about the type of assistance the individual and family would like from LIGHTS.

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"Getting to know me" form

As individuals and families are ready to start meeting others who may share a common vision, LIGHTS can act as the hub and the coordinator for individuals and parents. LIGHTS suggests taking the time to fill out the Getting To Know Me tool which can be shared with other individuals & families who are looking for similar things. The facilitator will email interested individuals and families the potential room mates profile to review. It’s just a snapshot of ideas – enough to get a general picture of what the person is like. After profiles have been shared and if the families would like to meet and begin to get to know each other more, the Facilitator can help get them connected and begin discussions with them.

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